ViTL is a virtual tape library backup solution for IBM Power Systems. ViTL connects via Fibre Channel or SAS to your iSeries, AS/400, System i, or AIX system.

Save your IBM i backups without tape to your hard drive, NAS, SAN or Deduplication Appliance. Plus ViTL gives you the ability to automatically replicate your data to the cloud for even better protection and it’s more reliable than tape with an easy-to-use web interface.

ViTL works with BRMS, Robot Save, and IBM backup commands. There is no limit on the size of virtual tape files other than available disk space.

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UBD is a virtual tape backup solution for IBM Power Systems. UBD appears as a tape device to your IBM i host. You can replace your tape drive with UBD and continue to backup and restore without any programming changes.

UBD connects via Fibre Channel or SAS, and can be used as a gateway device to store backups on your NAS, SAN or any deduplication appliance that supports CIFS, NFS or iSCSI connections, such as: ExaGrid, Cohesity, Rubrik, Quantum, etc.

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LaserVault Backup is a virtual disk-to disk backup solution for IBM Power Systems that connects via TCP/IP. LaserVault Backup doesn’t use Save File on the iSeries. All you need is an iSeries, a Windows-based backup server, and the LaserVault Backup software. Your backups can easily be copied for offsite backup or restored to your IBM i.

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